Happy Easter.

To celebrate Easter I will tell you all how Ted saved humanity.
There was a magician named Jesus who was crucified for blasphemy by the Romans in order to keep the peace within the Jewish community. Once Jesus was laid to rest in a cave it was after 3 days that Jesus was reanimated by a follower by the name of Judas.
Ted was watching over humanity as he usually does, when he saw zombie Jesus emerge from the cave. Ted had to think of a plan to prevent Jesus from attacking the community and ushering in the zombie apocalypse. The plan he came up with was to paint pieces of brain various bright colors and hiding them around town so that Jesus would be too busy finding the brains to attack the townspeople. To further confuse Jesus Ted told him that a rabbit hid them.
This tradition is done even today so that Jesus doesn’t usher in the zombie apocalypse. We hide eggs because human brains are more scarce than they were back then. And that is how Ted saved humanity from the zombie apocalypse.