Happy Birthday USMC!

2marine - happy birthday usmc!

A marine DI punishes a recruit by making him hold his pack, which ways more than 50 lbs, over his head.

340m - happy birthday usmc!

A marine recruit tries to survive in an obstacle course.

340x - happy birthday usmc!

A dirty Marine Recruit after a normal day of training.

610x - happy birthday usmc!

A Marine Drill Instructor walks down the squad bay, which is where recruits sleep, as the recruits line up.

2004110909c - happy birthday usmc!

Marines learn how to shoot to kill on the Rifle range at Parris Island.

2481893102 95ce2032b2 - happy birthday usmc!

A drill instructor adjusts a recruits rifle as he teaches Close Order Drill.

spaceball - happy birthday usmc!

3 Marine DIs scare a new recruit as he arrives for his first day of recruit training.

drill sergeant screams

This, ladies and gentleman, is what every Marine DI looks like, every day, for 3 months, during your recruit training.