Happiest Place On Earth???

Disneyland has always been one of my favorite places to go when there was little to do elsewhere. Having an annual pass made this habit slightly less damaging to my wallet, but the prices for passes have been steadily increasing over the years. And while the prices of admission are going up, my tolerance for bratty kids has been going down. I understand the families that come to Disneyland to celebrate a birthday or a child’s good grades but why do parents bring snotty kids to Disneyland? It’s obvious that they don’t deserve it. Their time would be better spent learning life lessons while peeling potatoes in a damp basement void of light and clean air. Why is it that little kids have the desire to bump into you every 13 seconds when you’re waiting in line for a ride that is sub-par anyway. The parents don’t do anything to stop it. I guess the chances are that if the kid lacks common sense and courtesy then the parents are probably just as bad. You know the saying, the turd doesn’t fall far from the butthole. I have always had an issue with stroller babies in the park. What’s the matter, the kid can’t walk? Are his legs too tired? She can’t stay up past sundown? Probably means the kid either a) needs to go home so that they can piss their Sponge Bob bedsheets or b) so young that they won’t remember this day so you’re wasting your time to begin with. Either way, your stroller is totally in the way of people just trying to walk from one place to the next. And to the families that bring the strollers that are two seats wide, come on, seriously, you’re in the way twice as much as any of the other dickheads. I see kids crying a lot at Disneyland too. And this isn’t even counting the ones that flew out of the Thunder Mountain Railroad cars. Why are you crying at Disneyland? You’re not lost, I see your neglectful parents standing right next to you. Stop crying please. To the parents who bring good little boys and girls to Disneyland, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to be a good parent and for bringing up your kids right. You make the world a better place for everyone. To the parents who bring their undeserving kids to Disneyland, why don’t you just stick to monster truck rallies, county fairs, and cooking flat steak in the park.