Handmade Wood LEGO Blocks from iichi

Japanese firm Mokurokku hopes to get you feel closer to nature with their new wooden bricks.
Each box of Mokulock bricks is priced at ¥2,835/USD31 and includes 50 pieces.

It seems like they are actually compatible with original Lego blocks, which will make for an interesting plastic and wood mix when put together. These toys are also available on Amazon.

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“I would happily pay whatever Lego wanted to charge if they included these sorts of ‘real’ building materials for their Architecture series. Think this is fantastic. Questioning sustainability considering the sheer number of Lego blocks produced a year, but to look at and to feel.. awesome.” – says the comment

The Mokurokku company says that these blocks may behave differently, because of wood characteristics. They expand or contract due the humidity and wear more quickly. Of course, needless to say this set is fully biodegradable.

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(Image Credits: iichi)