Handmade Creations by Lee Cross

Lee Cross was born and raised in woods in Alaska. She saw wild animals every day and their beauty inspired her to sculpt them out of snow at a life size scale when she was young.

snow endless clay

Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

Lee never had any art lessons but when she turned 13 she didn’t want her sculptures to melt anymore so she began sculpting the animals from sculpy clay. Photos of Lee’s scultupres were shared among her friends of what she was doing and those friends shared it with their friends and so on and pretty soon she found herself overwhelmed with countless commission orders from people all over the United States. This started her full time business of sculpturing at the age of thirteen.

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When Lee turned 18, that’s when she began broadening into fantasy and mixing plush with clay into the creations that she makes today at the age 23. Due to daily mass demand, these are only available now thought what she calls “Weekly eBay Auction Adoptions”. Lee Cross says she is blessed that these can bring such joy to people on a global scale now.

hand made poseable fantasy thunder stag

nebula stardust fox

hand made poseable weighted baby unicorn

handmade fully poseable baby fennec fox

handmade fully poseable baby fennec fox

hand made poseable fantasy tundra bear

hand made poseable life sized wolf pup

handmade fully poseable guardian sky

You can follow her art work at her facebook page.