Going to start a new video

Okay i’m going to make “Some of the best of Sharenator 2” BUUUUUUUT I need some posts so if you think you have a good post send me a link and I’ll put it in my video this is going to be a bigger and better video and it’s going to take me much much longer then my last video so if you want your post to be in it and get 10% of the points earned from it then let me know I will also put thinks to your post in my post so people can go comment and uprate your post also 🙂 please comment this post with the link to your post and I’ll put it on thanks 🙂

Heres a link to my first video if you haven’t seen it yet, but like I said the next one will be better 🙂

Finished my second video heres a link to it http://www.sharenator.com/Some_of_the_best_of_sharenator_2_1/

Going to be making a 3rd one soon but I need some good posts for it so you can still comment bellow or on the first or second one with one of your own posts thanks 🙂

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