God's Not Dead?

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Yeah, it's been waaaaaay too long since the last epic Sharenator debate. Now that some of the older members seem to have come back, I thought it would be a good time to start something.

We've all heard of the movie. So, let's talk about it. Ideas for discussion: does it promote stereotypes about atheists? What about Christians? Is it harmful or helpful to how Christians are perceived? Is it designed to convert nonbelievers, or entertain believers? Is the premise theologically and/or philosophically sound? Could Kevin Sorbo still pull of the Hercules look?

  • Ertrov
  • August 10, 2014, 11:03 pm
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    I really haven't heard anything about this movie...

    • xdvx
    • August 11, 2014, 7:40 am
    I second that, never heard of it until right now

    Just watched the trailer though, and it looks pretty good! I'm not religious in any way, shape or form; but I don't think it does anything bad towards Christians or atheists like how you suggested, Ertrov.

    Might even consider seeing this if I get the time
    - Fail4424 August 12, 2014, 8:44 am
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    I haven't seen it and really I don't plan on seeing it. It seems that the movie portrays all atheists as the type that doesn't want anybody to believe in god because they do not believe in god. If the roles were reversed I think it would be the same outcome, a group with a certain belief would be portrayed as the more militant side of that group.

    I think that its goal is to empower theists college students as in the current climate of political correctness that is very prevalent in academia an atheist professor is probably more likely to get away with telling students to disavow their faith or fail the class as apposed to a theist professor telling students to believe or fail. Both are a violation of a students first amendment right to free practice, but as with many things involving political correctness it seems to me anyway that we try so hard to accommodate previously oppressed groups that we actually begin to oppress the other side.

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    Put another one down for "never heard of it" haha, perhaps they haven't marketed much outside of the US

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    I've heard about it. I want to go see it. I don't think there is any issue with it. I don't think it shows that all athiests want to hate on those who are religious, but more of teaching those who are religious how to handle those athiests who are. I've met many athiests who don't care if you are religious, and I've met many who looked at me and told me I was stupid for believing any religion. I mean it is a religious movie, it's going to be pointed more towards those who are religious over those who aren't. But I think it helps those who are religious keep a firm hold on there faith when being persecuted for it.

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    im in the US and i've never heard of it. granted, i've spent more time working in the shop than watching tv or sleeping lately.

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    Heard of it, haven't watched it. Will watch tomorrow just to participate in this thread. Have heard bad things by way of how it portrays the atheistic character(s).

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