God Created Cats With Two Differently Colored Eyes For Cuteness Overload!

Why Do Some Cats Have Two Different Colored Eyes? Maybe god just made them that way because they are so cute.

According to Scientific American:
All kittens are born with blue eyes and when they get older the melanin changes their eyes to green, copper, or yellow.This happens often in white cat — the fur of white cats has no pigmentation.

A Cat of Ice and Fire!
cat different eyes
Via Reddit

odd cat

different eyes

yummy - god created cats with two differently colored eyes for cuteness overload!
Image source : 500px.com
gorgeous white cat

yellow right blue left

turkish van cat

blue eye green eye

cats eyes

cat blue yellow eyes
Image source : flickr.com

black white cat

odd eyed black cat

odd eye

bright eyes

different eye cat
Image source : pinterest

The effect of flash on the two eyes!
multi colored eyed kitty

effect flash two eyes

Venus cat has two cempletely different shades of fur on her face!
She also have her facebook page with more than 200k users!
venus cat

venus cat

Here is the most popular video of this cat!

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