Sharenator`s Helping Others Guide

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I have made this post to bring your attention to this button:

unrated posts

Which is located here as shown in picture below

bar - sharenator`s helping others guide

Everyone needs to start some were and you could start their post off, i click on the new unrated post button at least every 5 minutes to have a look to see what`s new in the world of sharenator, Yes some posts may not tickle your funny bone, but i am sure that some will make you laugh or you find interesting i would like to suggest you do them a favor and +3 there post

untitled - sharenator`s helping others guide

And if the post really tickles your funny bone you could :

favorite - sharenator`s helping others guide

This will the move them onto the home page were it will be spotted from there more and more people will look at it.

And even if the post is to your taste you could at least do the person a favor and leave a response

post response

I am sure many off you know this but just incase you dont whether its because your new or what ever

Thanks for reading !