Gifs of Sport Highlights

Nadals sick spin shot

Amazing goal by Benfica

Anquan Boldin diving for a TD

Bacary Sagna saves a goal

Beautiful teamplay by Arsenal vs Norwich

Bike flip to backflip to late tailwhip or utter insanity at the XGames

Did you catch that

Excuse mepardon me

Fast reaction baseball catch

Ferrari Pitstop Formula 1

Filthy Alex Semin pass for a goal by Jiri Tlusty

Flying scissors to the neck

free kick

great catch

Jerome Jump

Jori Lehtera penalty shot

Man catches a baseball with his beer

Mark Buehrles amazing between the legs throw on opening day 2010

Might want to box out Iman Shumpert crosspost

Mike Tyson dodging a barrage of punches and then finishing the fight with a single punch

One of the best touchdowns

reverse lay up

Segei Bobrovsky makes 7 saves in 10 seconds

Some fine juggling work here

The true power of the left hook

Tyson double right

  • Darius
  • January 16, 2014, 11:16 am
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    #5 you missed out the goal at the end of the clip! :P

    edit: hmm, and for some reason this is cutting the end off as well :P Weird

    #21 what a throw!! :O

    But great post!! Loved all of them! :D

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