Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 has just been announced on late night with jimmy fallon and the trailer came with it. Here:
I also got some pics from the trailer from good old IGN.

gears war

The Gears of War 3 logo.

gears war

Dom running through a street full of people turned to stone or something.

gears war

This is Dom in his now fully bearded face.

gears war

A locust lookin for the first chance to shoot your a**.

gears war

Lambant worms killing locust and you. But who is this in the bottom left of the picture.

gears woman

OMG a woman. No just kidding but she is in the game as the new character joining Marcus (New armor),Dom (Bearded version), Cole and baird. She looks like anya from gears 2

anyastroudjr1 - gears of war 3

All I can say is get ready for the ton of internet ”Gears of Porn” (Not the official name) that will enevitably come out of some little nerds bedroom computer.
Not mine! I cant draw =P.

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