Game Rant: Multiplayer and Achievements

*Please note this rant is not directed towards local, split screen Multiplayer

Why do games require you to go online to get certain achievements? For me, this is one of gamings unforgivable sins, forcing you to go online to 100% the game.

Wouldn't it be better if it was easier to get the achievement online, and still let it be completable in single player? Or allow them to be obtained in local Multiplayer. At least than you wouldn't be robbing audiences of potentially hundreds of gamer score points (or PlayStation equivalent).

This, along with it just generally being a bad game is why I don't like Fable III. I have obtained about 90% of the non-online achievements, but have no chance at getting the others.

Probably worse is GTA IV. Now that GTA 5's out, how many people would I be able to join with to get these achievements? I don't know but its probably less than the population of Mercury.

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