Gah wtf do I doooooo?

Somethings been driving me NUTS… Ive been dating a girl for 2 weeks now. Weve gotten close…but Ive noticed something. Not only is she looking for a serious relationship (im only in high school), but we dont share much in common. And by serious, i mean talking about marrying when we are 18…

Ive been talking to a girl (only as friends) and ive realized that we have SO much in common. We ended up having a 7 hour skype conversation that was no where near dying out. It ended up ending after she fell asleep at her computer lol.

The next day, my girlfriend almost broke up with me for being friends with this girl simply because she didnt like her. I told her that I wouldnt speak to her anymore if it made her happy. Now you might say im a dick for doing this, but i still text that girl. Why? Because we are in high school, and in high school, friends last longer than girls…

Now its gotten to the point where Im lost… I have feelings for my girlfriend, but my feelings are leaning towards this girl that I only call a friend.

Me and my girlfriend shared our first kiss today, and I didnt feel that “momentous” feeling that you achieve when you are in love… Which is leaving me with a puzzling and stressful question:

Stay with my girlfriend when I get the feeling its not lasting


Leave her (respectfully) and slowly gain a relationship with this other girl?

-Before you say something like “dont dump her because the other girl might not like you back”, I can respond with, yes. She does.

Thanks lol…

EDIT- I left her and I decided to roll it alone for a while. As of now, I have a date with girl #2 next week. Thanks for the advice fellow sharenators!