How many people even remember this show? I don’t know but who cares it was freak’n awesome. I wasn’t even old enough to remember when it first came out but I still watch the reruns and movies. And ever since I remember as well I have wanted new episodes and it never happened. 7 years is how long its been since the last new episode to my knowledge (unless you count the movies).

futurama cast

Then when I had finally given up on new episodes

futurama tease

And I almost loose it with joy. So thank you comedy central for bringing it back. I figure most big fans already know but any casual fans or people who didn’t know about the new episodes or the show itself go check it out. I’ll probably post something about the new episode when it comes out June 24,2010.

Now I’m gonna put myself into a 5 day coma so I don’t have to wait.