funny way to boot people on xbox live

Ok me and my friends play around with each other and kick each other from party and game and before we do it we say korny sayings like “Whats the shape of Italy?” they respond “A boot” and you kick them. Another one is “what do cowboys wear on their feet?” “boots”!!!!! and if you have any sayings like that before you kick people from game or party or stuff like that post it here!

Heres some more

What is the name of the cat in shrek

Hey lets play madden, you get ball KICK

Whos the monkey in Dora?

Me: Do you like karate?

Him: Yeah

Me: Coz you jus’ got KICKED!


Me: Do you like karate?

Him: Nah

Me: Well you should learn it so you don’t get KICKED!


Whats the best part of football?….what?…The kickoff!

You: “Whats the first thing you get at a restaurant?”

Them: “Uhhh” (Let them think for a second)

You: “THE MENU” (Then kick)

That one never fails…lol

ask them if they like apples if they say yes say how do u like theses apples and kick them