funny stuff off of omegle

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: asl
Stranger: Are you a horny girl who wants webcam sex?Add me if you are. [email protected]
You: ya
Stranger: how old are you?
You: how old are you
You: 13
You: u?
Stranger: 16
Stranger: old for you?
You: no not at all
Stranger: so are we doing?
You: doing what exactly?
Stranger: webcam sex
You: please tell me in detail
Stranger: i want to see tits
Stranger: if you show me i’ll wank for you
Stranger: no need to show face
You: Your IP address: has been logged by the United States
Department of Information under the Civilian Surveillance Act (Art.
3, s8, cl. 8, Cong. 109th, Sess. 3, 2005)
Your conversational partner has disconnected.