funny chat

You: hi
Stranger: hey
You: asl
Stranger: 16 male Atlantic ocean
You: …
You: ocean?
Stranger: yea
You: are you merfolk??
Stranger: aqua man was my dad
Stranger: kinda
Stranger: yah know atlantis?
Stranger: OMG
You: aquaman was my dad too
Stranger: Its been too long brother
Stranger: you must come with me back to atlantis
Stranger: I pimped that shit out
You: yes
You: i must
You: i am curently stuck in a bathtub
Stranger: use your miniform and become a fish swim through the sewer take two rights a left then another right and ull be right by me
You: ill try
Stranger: ok
Stranger: if u drop your laptop in the water you die btw our other brother found that out the hard way…
Stranger: but itsmakes great barbeque
You: shoot
You: it didnt work
You: btw mine is waterproof
Stranger: oh ok good
Stranger: same here i mean im like 2398 feet underwater right now
Stranger: but we get great wifi signal
You: sweet im neck deep in shit
Stranger: turns out the water is an amazing conductor
Stranger: swim bish swim
Stranger: and eat
Stranger: eat it all
You: yum
Stranger: thats right eat that shit
You: all gone
Stranger: i g2g someone just puntured our water dome, and is letting air in,,
Stranger: damn nazis
You: oh fuck
You: bye
Stranger: see you soon brother
Your conversational partner has disconnected.