Free Games For your Flash Drive

These are all games i have on my jump drive, i am very happy. an overview of the game is before each download link.

Gameboy Advance Emulator.
this emulator is free, and all games can be played on it, assuming you get the ROM. when you open it,go to open and click on the folder where it is stored, and click on the folder ROMS i already have a few on there. to save your game, click on save state.
From Now on in the files you download there will be a word document with the controls.

Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour
Kick major ass in this game set in the U.S. pacific theater of WWII!
take control of your favorite plane and kill enemy airfields, ships, planes, and more

Battalion is a fanastic game, for the 90s, but is fun. take control of one of four monsters and lay waste to the city godzilla style!

Ocean Battle
Remember Pearl Harbor, when you took control of a plane? well in this one, you control a ship. it is all in japanese, but it is not complicated. just click around and you will find out. you fight bombers, planes, other ships with various capabilities!

Does anyone remember twisted metal? You know the game where you drove around and blew up other cars? Anyone? Awww. Oh well. That is attaccar. A one on one match to the death! Choose from 5 cars, and 3 tracks.

Death Worm
Two Words: SUPER FUN go around as a giant worm, and eat people and animals. the more you eat, the bigger you get, the bigger you get, the meaner the enemies get! and the controls are so simple, i will post them here: use the arrow keys!

Nes Emulator
This is it! all of your favorite oldies, on one file! use it like the gba emulator! use A and S instead of z and x

And, like in the Best Music Ever Post, if i get enough positive feedback, i will post more games to download. simply tell me which kind of game you want. also, comment on the games themselves. tell everyone what you liked/disliked about them.

SNES Emulator
Super Nintendo Emulator. Nuff said. There are a few roms on it. my personal favorite is battletoads.
More Roms