Forever Alone Compilation

Another way to look at dying alone

another way look dying alone

Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

Anyone Else Feel Like The

What women REALLY mean when they say a guy’s hot

When women say a GUY is hot…. they’re not talking about the shape of his body or face. More often than not, they’re talking about how he carries himself.

Women decide who they like based on what they feel.

They’re highly tuned into the signals a man’s body language is giving off...

"There’s just something about him"’ve heard that before, right?

THAT is the power of body language. And once you learn how to give off that sexual energy yourself, you can hack her brain and make her yours.

And who better to teach you than a hot woman?

Click here to watch a FREE video from my friend Kate Spring and learn how to activate a woman’s primal lust.

anyone feel like swan right

At a ball game



David Mitchell gets it

Eating sandwich for lunch

eating aandwich for lunch


even siri knows xpost from rfunny

Feeling the need to belong

feeling need belong

Forever aloneex position

forever aloneex position post rfunny

Forever Alone What the hell

forever alone what hell

God dammit

god dammit

Hang in there buddy

hang there buddy

Happy Valentines Day To Me

How I feel

how i feel - forever alone compilation

How I feel hanging out with other girls more attractive than myself

How I feel on the first day of a huge college class and everyone is talking to each other like old friends

feel first day huge college class everyone talking each other like

I finally got a message on OKC

finally got message okc

If you ever feel ugly

I got my hopes up for aecond there

got hopes for aecond there

I’m prettyure the red one is one of us


inspirational story

My life in a gif

Noocial life

Random attractive girl at a bar walks up to me gives me hug…

random attractive girl bar walks gives hug andays quotit looks like

Relationship status


many feels

Surely I’m not the only one with this problem

surely not only problem

Talented but alone

The bar is low

bar low

The best way to make friends

This hit me like a ton of bricks

hit like ton bricks

This is me I’ve yet to figure out how my mind or personality works

ive yet figure out mind personality works

This is really good advice

This is why I’m scared to ask out a girl

why imcared ask out girl post rsad

Truly forever Alone

Two years of despair and counting

two years despair counting

Yay I’m off tomorrow

yay off tomorrow

A great thought from Robin Williams

Am I the only one who feels this way

only who feels way