Fetish…wats urs?

so a while back wen I went to my friends house he was telling us about his girl & told us that his gf had some small hairs on her nipples & he told us it was great cus he had a thing for hair he said & I quote
“MAN!…I dont know what it is, hair just turns me on”
so me & my cousin made fun of hime for a while & he told us that, that was his fetish & I kinda didnt know wat it was It rang a bell & I was sure I have heard it but never really knew wat it was…till I googled it
my friends fetish is called Trichophilia

Trichophilia – or hair fetishism is a paraphilia in which one becomes sexually aroused by, or is extremely fond of, human hair; commonly head hair.

my cousin asked me wat my fetish is, & I told him that not everyone has a fetish, then he asked me again & I said “UR MOM!”
then he said then ur a milf man(LOL!) then I thought about it…& I realized…there are a lot of hot moms…

& now the rest
Acrotomophilia – The person is sexually aroused by the sight of an amputation usually of a whole arm or leg.

Adolescentilism The person is aroused by impersonating both the dress and behavior of an adolescent.

Andromimetophilia – A woman who is sexually aroused by impersonating a man. They purposefully look like and act like a man.

Apotemnophilia – This person is sexually aroused by having a part of their body amputated either by themselves or someone else. The memory of the amputation can serve to arouse them for years. It is the act of having an extremity amputated that is arousing; thus, they have to be awake during the process.

Asphyxiophilia – This is sexual arousal caused by loss of control over your ability to breathe. Self strangulation or allowing another person to asphyxiate you.

Autagonistophilia – Unlike exhibitionism where the person intentionally exposes their genitals to an unsuspecting stranger, in this paraphilia the person creates situations in which other people could see them in the nude if the person wanted to. For example, it would be like leaving your curtains open and walking around the house naked in hopes that someone would peep in the windows. It is the thought that someone may be watching that is sexually arousing.

Autassassinophilia – The person is sexually aroused by putting themselves in situations in which they may be killed. They really have to feel they are in danger in order to be sexually aroused. Unfortunately, many of them get killed in the process.

Autonepiophilia – This is the same thing as infantilism.

Biastophilia – In this paraphilia the person is sexually aroused by the idea of being raped. This is scripted and planned out ahead of time with a partner. The person does not actually want to be raped by a strange.

Catheterophila – The person is sexually aroused by the insertion of a catheter.

Chrematistophilia – This person can only become sexually aroused if they are being blackmailed into it.

Coprophilia – Smearing human feces on yourself or having someone smear it on you causing sexual arousal.(this 1 & the next are 2 girls 1 cup lovers)

Coprophagia – Eating and ingesting human feces.

Ephebophilia – This is a form of pedophilia, but the person is very specific in the size, shape, and amount of body hair the pre-pubescent child has.

Erotophonophilia – These people are dangerous. They are sexually aroused by attempts not just thoughts of killing someone.

Formicophilia – Sexual arousal is caused by having insects crawl on their genitals.

Gerontophilia – The person is only sexually aroused by a significantly older person. There has to be at least a 15 year difference between their ages.

Gynemimetophilia – A person who is sexually aroused by a female impersonator.

Hybristophilia – Sexual relations with a convicted criminal.

Hyphephilia – Touching or rubbing a human or non human object is essential for achieving sexual arousal.

Infantilism – Dressing as an infant and acting the role of a child under two years old is sexually arousing. This can including some or all body hair and the hiring of a nurse or nanny to take care of you.

Kleptophilia – Similar to kleptomania, kleptophilia results in sexual arousal from stealing not just thrill seeking.

Klismaphilia – Getting an enema is sexually arousing. More liquid is associated with greater pleasure.

Mixophilia – The person likes to watch their partner or themselves engage in sexual activity. Usually this means watching themselves in a mirror.

Morphophilia – Peculiar body shapes and sizes are sexually arousing such as heavy, short, dwarfism, etc.

Mysophilia – The person is sexually aroused by dirt, mud, or filth.

Narratophilia – Telling dirty stories is sexually arousing.

Necrophilia – Engaging in sexual activities with dead people.

Nepiophilia – The person is sexually aroused by infants. This can range from newborns to about two years old.

Olfactophilia – The person is sexually aroused by body smells. Usually inserting finger anus, vagina, etc. and smelling it during sex.

Pictohilia – Watching X-rated films is sexually arousing.

Somnophilia – The person can only maintain sexual arousal while having sex with someone who is sleeping. If the person wakes up they loose interest.

Stigmatophilia – Body piercing and tattooing but not ear piercing is sexually arousing.

Symphorphilia – Natural disasters are sexually arousing.

Telephonicophilia – Talking dirty on the phone or being talked to lewdly.

Urophilia – Being urinated on or urinating on someone. Golden showers

Zoophilia – The person wants to be treated like an animal wearing a collar and even eating out of an animals dish. This is different from bestiality in which the person wants to have sex with an animal.

didnt want to post the weird fetishes here so here is the link