Feeling Old

Wanna know why I feel old? I was born on October 8th 1991..Lets see some other things that happened in 1991 (mainly entertainment related)

February 9th – Adam Sandler joins the cast of SNL.

adam sandler snl

September 8th – Minnie Pearl makes her last appearance on popular country program Hee Haw.

minnie pearl hee haw

August 11th (Big day) – Doug, Rugrats, and Ren and Stimpy debut on Nickelodeon.

doug nickelodeon

ren stimpy nickelodeon

rugrats nickelodeon

September 17th – Home Improvement debuts on ABC.

home improvement

November 21st – The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past is released.

link past

August 23rd – Super Nintendo Entertainment System introduced in USA.

snes - feeling old

May 28th – The Smashing Pumpkins debut album, Gish, is released.

smashing pumpkins

August 13th – Metallica releases their self titled album, also known as the Black Album

metallica black album

August 27th – Pearl Jam releases their debut album “Ten.”

pearl jam ten

September 24th – Nirvana releases their second studio album “Nevermind.”

nirvana nevermind

Not sure if the album cover was in violation of sharenator’s policies since it’s a baby, but why take the chance.

March 21st – Founder of Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, Leo Fender Dies at the age of 81.

leo fender

and finally December 26th – The Cold War ends.

cold war