well, in a not really recent post, I told the sharenator community that I was looking for a car. well I did it. but before I tell you about, some of you are full of crap, especially two certain people, one who recommended a ford taurus(which is crap, and I shall elaborate on later) and the one who asked me why on earth I wanted a Buick. well, to address the first dunderhead, the taurus is crap, because of where they were produced, in Lake Orion, Michigan. During the production of the taurus, there were very heavy strikes.

general motors orion assembly plant workers protest detro

Unhappy plant workers

When workers are unhappy, quality goes down. But I’m ranting. As a result of these strikes, the transmissions in these cars were shit. My stepdad has a friend who had a taurus, and had to replace four transmissions in the course of ten years. My friend has also had to replace the transmission several times.

That was the first issue.

The second one was the person who wanted to know why the hell I wanted a Buick. well, here’s why: I don’t care about speed, I care about looks and gas mileage. and Insurance. well, to you, I give this:

middlefinger - f*ck yeah!

Behold, My car, in all its glory (even though this is not a picture of it), a 1996 Buick Riviera. It rides like butter, the engine is a supercharged 3.8 V6 which goes from 0-60 in 7 seconds, gets 30 miles a gallon on the highway and 20 in town. It’s front wheel drive, so it’s good in snow. The insurance is only 50 bucks a month. so you know what? Hell yes I wanted a Buick.

buick riviera