Father builds amazing mission control desk for his son…

What’s the best way to get your child to do their homework? Turn their desk into a mission control centre of course.

That’s what Jeff Highsmith did to inspire his son to do well in his studies.

‘With the start of school my son needed a homework desk, I wanted to build him a great one, so I included an extra feature,’ he said.

Taking inspiration from the control centres at Nasa, Mr Highsmith built a hidden section in his son’s new desk that when revealed showed bright LED lights and emitted sounds.

YouTube user Jimmy Persson was impressed with the father’s dedication and wrote: ‘Wow, that kid will have a lot of fun 🙂 Must have taken a long time to finish the desk, but I think that dad must have tuns of fun making it [sic]!’

But SEspider was worried what the desk would mean for other fathers, adding: ‘STOP! You’re making all other Dads look dumb and lazy!’

The desk, which was encoded using a Raspberry Pi computer, also includes an iPad for displays.

Mr Highsmith suggested he was now considering building a spacecraft to accompany the ‘control centre’.