fails 9

i've noticed that no matter how hard i try i can't bet the point's on fails part 2. so i want this one to beat it and on im not doing this for points i just think it's sad to see something that has 4 pics rated +70
douchebag epic fail tan fail1

epic parenting fail stripping kid cry1

eye lashes fail11

fitting in fail carnival photo1

ghost rider fail fire hair1

love letter fail condom1

macho fail drawn bra thong11

macho fail drawn bra thong21

multi fail tan fail makeup fail sexy fail1

parenting fail off track betting baby stroller1

personal space fail mexican cops1

photo fail girls guy in bathroom background1

security fail obese sleep boob cushions1

tattoo fail royolty1

thug fail asian bling fag unit1

wolverine fail where are the claws1

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