Okay, I hate it when you IM someone on facebook and they have that little grey/white circle next to their name, showing you that they’re inactive atm.
Well, that means you probably are surfing the ‘likes’ page like the lonely people you are (I can say that because I’m one of the lonely people) o_O.
Solike, you IM them, and they don’t IM back for…an hour. Maybe more.
When they do, they make up some stupid excuse like, “Oh. Pffshhhh. I was doing something.”
“Doing what?”
“(surfing likes)Talking to my friend.”
“Oh. Cool. So sup? :)”
And then they don’t fucking answer again. Idk. Some conversation.
Does this happen to anyone else, or am I ranting over nothing?
*yes, I know I’m ranting over nothing*