Eye-Opening Optical Illusions

Water Fountain Creating the Illusion of Movement

mustangs sculptures illusion

One of the largest equestrian sculptures in the world, The Mustangs of Las Colinas is located in Irving, Texas.
Image source : mustangsoflascolinas

We couldn’t believe our eyes the first time we saw this image! This creative optical illusion is caused by simply staring at this dot.

The Hidden Chair

Image source : Imgur

The Head In A Jar Illusion

This is a perfect alternative to the classical framed portrait. Also, it will get more reactions.
Gif source : boingboing.net

All of the paper on this image is completely flat

completely flat paper

Believe it or not, but this is a completely flat paper. Not standing at all. When you see it…
Image source : imgur

Optical illusion of cut-out and fold characters

Ever seen those illusions where there’s a face that just seems to turn toward you? That’s what this one is doing and we just think this was too amazing.

The Cement block illusion

Even if this only would make sense for like 25 minutes daily, until the shadows move, we think this is and extraordinary example of what unbelievable things you can do to trick your eyes.

Image source : reddit

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