epic omegle battle

You: trainer challenges you
Stranger: what about?
You: choose your pokemon
Stranger: okay!
Stranger: i pick , pikacchu
You: stranger chooses pikachu
You: trainer chooses goku!
You: goku uses spirit bomb
You: …
You: it missed
Stranger: pikacchu uses lightning storm!!
You: goku laughs about it tickling
Stranger: brzzrtzne
You: goku uses instant kamehameha!
You: kaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
You: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
You: haaaaaaaaaaaaa
You: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
You: (goku disappears)
Stranger: sailoormoon helps!
You: (appears next to pikachu) haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Stranger: “with the power of love, i’ll punish you!!!”
Stranger: kaboooooooooooom!
You: pikachu dies
You: goku wonders why little girl is poking him
Stranger: pikacchu alive!
Stranger: and sailoormoon flirts!
You: goku uses ignorance
Stranger: sailoormoon kisses goku!
Stranger: chici comes and sees this!
You: goku uses scared of chi chi
Stranger: she gets mad!! :@
Stranger: and catch goku..!
You: its super effective
You: goku gets beat up
Stranger: sailoormoon laughs
You: trainer returns goku
You: trainer chooses piccolo
Stranger: trainer picks stuart little!
You: piccolo uses hellzone grenade!
Stranger: stuast comes into his jet!
Stranger: fly around and dodges
You: piccolo special beam cannon!
You: direct hit!
You: stewart little faints
Stranger: trainers returns stuart
You: trainer returns piccolo
You: trainer chooses chuck norris
Stranger: trainer picks jack sparrow
You: chuck norris uses mean look
You: its super effective
You: jack sparrow uses flee
You: chuck norris uses rifle!
You: jack sparrow dies
Stranger: 😐
Stranger: mine always dies
Stranger: whatthehell!!!
You: u choose weaklings muhahahaha
Stranger: u make ur own plot
Stranger: huh
Stranger: :/
You: u must choose stronger peoples
You: *pokemon
You: trainer returns chick norris
You: chuck*
Stranger: i pick chukky!!
Stranger: chuccky owns knives
You: trainer uses hercules
You: hercules uses pansy
Stranger: U WIN
Stranger: right?
Stranger: – -“
You: chunccky gets power boost
You: trainer doesnt remember why he even keeps hercules
You: trainer considers uses m16 on hercules
You: trainer decides not to
Stranger: i’ll keep watching
You: trainer is waiting for chunkky to attack
You: does chunkky attack?
You: stranger must order chunkky to attack
You: stranger gives up?
Stranger: chukky uses his knives
You: hercules gets hurt1
You: !
You: hercules uses scream for help!
Stranger: 😀
Stranger: finally !!
You: majin boo appears!
Stranger: bhu comes to protect chukky
You: boo uses turn to chocolate!
You: bhu is now chocolate!
You: boo uses eat!
You: bhu is no in boos tummy!
You: now*
Stranger: bhu absorb boo’s energy!
You: boo uses bored and flies away
You: hercules uses cry
Stranger: th trainers?
You: trainer returns Hercules
Stranger: i come to the trainer..
Stranger: and shake his hand