epic aim convo

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douchebag: (7:35:32 PM) hitting on my girl?
douchebag signed on at 7:35 PM.
me: (7:35:41 PM) hi
douchebag: (7:36:30 PM) i asked you a question.
me: (7:37:03 PM) wait huh!?
douchebag: (7:37:17 PM) i said….are you hitting on my girl?
me: (7:37:22 PM) ummmm
me: (7:37:48 PM) shes quite awesome im not gonna lie
douchebag: (7:38:08 PM) yeah, it’s a good thing she’s mine.
me: (7:38:27 PM) so im Me
douchebag: (7:39:10 PM) i knew that.
me: (7:39:21 PM) what else do you know
douchebag: (7:39:54 PM) that you’ve been texting her constantly, and I don’t appreciate that.
me: (7:40:10 PM) yea good times
douchebag: (7:40:22 PM) you’re getting smart with me, right now?
me: (7:41:21 PM) well i could be retarted
me: (7:41:26 PM) but i lost my helmet
douchebag: (7:41:38 PM) actually, I’m going to speak with you in person about the matter. I’m not going to have some internet war with you. See you soon.
me: (7:42:03 PM) okie day see ya then
douchebag: (7:45:19 PM) so you’re going to get your frat brothers on me? hahahaha
me: (7:45:31 PM) haha nah im good alone
douchebag: (7:46:09 PM) Frat boys are good at fighting dirty, they have to go about it that way.
me: (7:46:22 PM) im a lover not a fighter
me: (7:46:36 PM) fightning makes me fat
douchebag: (7:46:36 PM) that’s cute.
me: (7:47:05 PM) i try
douchebag: (7:47:07 PM) that makes a lot of sense. You’re so damn lame, dude!
me: (7:47:18 PM) oh go on your making me blush
me: (7:47:21 PM) tee hee
douchebag: (7:47:30 PM) you gay?
me: (7:47:35 PM) nope
douchebag: (7:47:49 PM) just really feminine?
me: (7:47:51 PM) nope
douchebag: (7:47:57 PM) sounds that way.
me: (7:48:06 PM) just like to mess with people
douchebag: (7:48:15 PM) we’ll get a long good, then.
me: (7:48:29 PM) good to hear
douchebag: (7:48:42 PM) as long as you stop trying to get with my girl, we’ll be fine.
me: (7:48:48 PM) yea………..
me: (7:48:50 PM) …..
douchebag: (7:48:57 PM) i’m serious.
douchebag: (7:49:07 PM) i was joking about the other stuff, but this is serious talk.
me: (7:49:45 PM) yea….bout that…….
douchebag: (7:50:02 PM) it’s a respect issue, man. You respect me, i’ll respect you. End of story.
me: (7:50:16 PM) i ussually charge respect
douchebag: (7:50:29 PM) i don’t understand that, sorry.
me: (7:51:13 PM) yea neither do i but i try
douchebag: (7:51:47 PM) I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you, right now and you’re being a little bitch.
me: (7:52:14 PM) i keep work at work
douchebag: (7:52:25 PM) Do you like tom’s shoes?
me: (7:52:40 PM) i like my shoes
me: (7:52:48 PM) they are brown
douchebag: (7:53:37 PM) you’re a complete fucking retard. No lie. Stop trying to get with My Girl, it’s not going to happen. She’s with me, let it go. End of story, I don’t want to have to take this any further.
douchebag: (7:54:24 PM) Later dude!
me: (7:54:35 PM) laterz

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