Epic Action Film

Hi all,

Well here we have an original short film… and thats right it’s a Short Christmas movie but with a twist on the usual… “The Night The Reindeer Died”. Check it out here

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The title is a tribute to Scrooged.

Shot in 3 days (or closer to 17 hours of actual shooting time), this is just one version of the film, due to delays in filming… or in other words snow, we wrapped filming 2 weeks late giving us a week to do all the post production. The big achievement here is that most of these actors were not together and their parts were filmed on seperate days due to scheduling issues. And with a crew of just 2 (the 2nd crew member Co-directing and doing stills) I think we pulled it together quite well… but thats up to everyone else to decide – thats right someone on the interent who doesnt think their creation is the greatest thing ever

There will be an “Final cut” which will fill in some of the story gaps when released and will have a complete remix/re-recording of audio and some improved VFX and unseen scenes and some other stuff trimmed (in other words we are George Lucas-ing it). So keep an eye out.

We also have a sequel planned – The Dawn The Reindeer Died… which has some really great stuff in the script, we hope to raise a higher budget for it and get a full professional crew together and make the most epic Christmas film ever for next year!

So if you enjoy it… or even if you don’ t, send it around… post it about… and help us out…