Epic Cooking fails

Flaming Oven
flaming oven

The person responsible for this should never be allowed in a kitchen again
cheese - epic cooking fails

Not-So Cold Turkey
not cold turkey

This poor panda didn't stand a chance.
poor panda

This is what you call Siamese cookies.
cookies - epic cooking fails

Platinum Fries
platinum fries

How is this even possible?
crust - epic cooking fails

Drop It Like It's Hot
hot - epic cooking fails

Is this a new flavor of doritos?
nacho - epic cooking fails

At least we know the hotel heiress has picked up an iron before.

Burn After Heating
burn after heating

Limp Biscuits
limp biscuits

Cake Popped
cake popped

Chicken Run
chicken run

non microwavable

Light It Up
light it up - epic cooking fails

No Upside
no upside - epic cooking fails

Hard Boiled
hard boiled

Noodles for Brains
ramen noodles sans water

Me Want Cookie
want cookie

Bean Cuisine.
bean cuisine

Beautiful Disaster
beautiful disaster

Sticky Rice
sticky rice


  • Ensx
  • May 2, 2014, 1:49 am
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