Entertainment “to start a global war” will cost you only $5

During the Cold War, 176 nuclear missile launching silos were located at missile bases across Ukraine. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, under the ‘Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty’ (START) agreement with the USA, they were all demolished … all except one …

About 300km south of Kiev there is the only place in the world (Nuclear Missle Museum) where anyone who wants can go down the mine of about 33 meters depth and take all necessary steps to strike a nuclear blast. Entertainment “to start a global war” will cost you only $5.

gates - entertainment "to start a global war" will cost you only $5

SS-18 Satan is the most powerful intercontinental nuclear missile in the world. Modified missles of this type can weight up to 211 tonnes and carry from one to 10 warheads. Missiles length is about 34 meters, diameter 3 meters, and can reach a target 15000km far, it’s practically impossible to shoot down it.

satan rocket

If nuclear explosion would happen on its flight trajectory, the missle would automatically shutdown all electronics and quietly pass an area. One such rocket can make a hell of size equal to half the territory of Ukraine.

satan hi - entertainment "to start a global war" will cost you only $5

Entire personal walked through these corridors, in order, to not disclosure the secret military facility.

hallways - entertainment "to start a global war" will cost you only $5

In order, to launch a rocket you need to get to the command station (located 33 meters underground). An entire command station could be compared with the submarine buried in a vertical position.

Whole command station was assembled in factories first and transported by railway afterwards. It has 12 floors. Hydraulic shock absorbers are used throughout station in order to smoothen vibrations, caused by an earthquakes that could accure after nuclear strike.

These people are still at the top, and just getting ready to go down the command station, where nuclear missle launch control panel is located.

under ground

We have landed. The girl is sitting in front of a control panel from which you could launch a rocket. Here, everything is working but in fact there is nothing to launch. Actually, it’s the room, which is open to all comers, makes this museum an unique place all around the world. And it’s the only place where you can see real and still working command station with a nuclear missle launch control panel.

launch control panel

Everything looks simple.

control panel

Army received this bus as a compensation for the destruction of the rocket.

bus near rocket