England – Where hard work is punished

Today i was at work and i was collecting a pay slip and i discovered that i was paying a shit load of tax as well as national insurance, although this may seem the norm in America as well as in other countries it makes me angry.

And im not angry because a percentage of my hard earned money is going to a good cause such as building a hospital or a school, but it is going to some no good low life which leeches from this money because they are simply too lazy to find a job and they spend all the money they get on alcohol and drugs and generally make the public look untidy.

It just seems to me that in the England you can go straight from school to claiming money from MY money that I have earned just because they cannot be bothered to work, and these people dont have to worry about paying bills either, they get a council house which may not be the best place to live but considering they dont have jobs they certainly dont have it bad.

beggars - england - where hard work is punished

Is it me or does anybody on here from England feel the same as me? because it seems like we all just get on with it without taking a step back and looking at this bullshit happen.