I have seen these elevator glitches, or whatever they are, all over youtube and i still cannot figure out how to use/activate them. I’d been trying for awhile and then forgot about them completely, Until yesterday when “epic mw2 glitch” showed up on youtube. i was determined to figure out how the hell these elevators work. now, I’ve never seen anyone do this(except on the internets) so i don’t really know if they’re real. but i am familiar with other non-elevator glitches/hiding spots in mw2. so i was wondering if anyone had successfully used these spots and if someone could help me figure out how to use them.

thnx my psn is shizlgizngar42

(ps: my friend told me you have to switch the stick layout to lefty, i tried that but it did not work. is this true? or is my friend full of shit)