EEEK!!! The Largest Spider ever….

camel spider large

Some facts about Camel Spiders…

*Many believe that they reside in just the Middle East and in Africa. However, some can be found in the South West US and in Mexico.

*Camel spiders can run at an astonashing 10 MPH!

*Camel Spiders are an average of 8 Inches long, but there have been reports of larger sightings, such as the picture shown above.

*Camel Spiders are nocturnal, but they do sprint from place to place during the day to find shade. When the US invaded Iraq, many soliders believed that the spiders were sprinting to attack them. This wasn’t the case, however, since they only move during the day to find shade.

*They don’t normally attack humans, but when they do, the bites reported have been said to be painful.