18 Educational Gifs

When a star meets a black hole simulation

How an epicycloid also known as a rose is generated The number of petals equals the ratio between the stationary circle and the traveling one

United States Population Density17902010

Root canal animation

Inside gears of a rotating fan xpost rmechanicalgifs

How a vertical axis wind turbine works

The area of the rectangle is always 1

Krmn vortex street Those who smoke might find it familiar

Radial pistons

Territories of Dynasties in China

The relationship between Sin Cos and the right triangle

US states by date of statehood

Gravitational Orbits

Tangentx relationship to a circle

colonial empires from 1492 to present

A meson is split to two particles identical to the original one

How a Cardioid is made

A sequence of Riemann sums over a regular partition of an interval

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    #9 forget the radial pistons, that guy's having a party!

    Rock on my friend

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