Discover The Fusion Of Two Unique Cultures With Eastern European Sushi

eastern european sushi

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If you think that you know sushi then it is time to think again. The team at Clinic 212 have created a whole new take on Sushi by mixing up Asian culture with some of the most popular dishes from Soviet Lithuania.

You will spot some Soviet dishes that you are familiar with, and some that you may not be familiar with, which have all been twisted so that they are presented in the sushi style! You will be amazed by the level of innovation and creativity that has gone into making and presenting most of these Eastern European Sushi dishes.

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Richman’s sushi

richmans sushi

Red caviar, vodka and silver spoon.


Traditional Karaite (Pastry, meat), broth, cucumbers, tomatoes, and Samagotian Sour Cream Butter “Kastinys”.

New Years Eve Roll

“Herring in the featherbed” salad (Herrings, Beetroots, carrots, eggs, onions, green onions, potato, mayonnaise) and sparkling wine.

Mackerel Nigiri

Smoked mackerel, onion, bread, sour cream and dark beer.

Beer-belly joy

beer belly joy sushi

Fried bread, smoked pork ear, garlic, green onions, melted cheese with mayonnaise and beer.

Titans nigiri

titans nigiri sushi

Herring, boiled unpeeled potato, sour cream, marinated onions and vinegar.


gutmaki sushi

Guts, meat, sauerkraut, cranberries and mustard.


jelly sushi

“Saltiena” (random parts of meat, carrots, onions, various spices, bay leaf), white horseradish, onions and homemade vodka (samane).

Chicken nigiri

chicken nigiri sushi

Grilled chicken wing, mashed potatoes, ketchup, mustard and salad leaf.

Canteen best seller

canteen best seller

Meatballs, mashed potatoes, pickles, radishes and kefir or buttermilk.

Breakfast classic

breakfast classic sushi

Sausage sandwich, bread, butter, cheese, cucumbers, pickles, mustard and tea.


Kiev cutlet (chicken breast fillet, butter, egg, flour, breadcrumbs), French fries, ketchup, cucumber, carrots and garlic salad.

Fried dumpling maki

fried dumpling maki sushi

Dumplings, grated cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Potato pancake rollL

Potato pancake, salmon, Samogitian Sour Cream Butter “Kastinys”, sour cream.