dvd game

so one day i was really bored at school so i started seaching through my back pack. I ended up finding a comic i printed from 4chan

comic - dvd game

and an empty case of the patriot

patriot - dvd game

…. don’t ask why i had these, i bring random stuff to school all the time. anyways i was entirely bored so i put the comic in the case and left it in the middle of the hall and waited near by to see the reaction of sum1 thinking they just found a free dvd and ended up seeing one of the weirdest comics ever!!

so i started doing it everytime i’d find an empty dvd case in the house we weren’t using anymore. it’s really reallllllly funny, and i recommend everyone try it out!

tl;dr i put weird comics/pictures in empty dvd cases and leave them in public places

if anyone would like to add pics they think would be funny to leave in a case plz post them 😀