Do Police go too far?

I was kind of horrified when I watched the video below. Did the girl’s behavior warrant the beating she received? Keep in mind she is only 15. I appreciate the job that officers of the law do. I realize it is a dangerous job (in some cases) and that it is a scary job. But it makes me wonder how can you be in fear of your life from an unarmed, contained, 15-year-old girl?

Or how about the case of Oscar Grant? A BART police officer shoots and kills Oscar while he is face down on the ground with another officer holding down Oscar’s head. Oakland was on edge when this happened…so much on edge that during the protests our offices closed.

Or how do you feel about a pregnant woman being tased? If you read the article you will see that she was resisting arrest. Yes, she should have done as the officers asked and get out of the car but did a 7 month pregnant woman pose a large enough threat to be tased? Do you think that there could have been another way to get her out of the car?

So tell me your thoughts? Do you think police go too far? Do you think they are well within their rights to use force?

Me I think it is lack of respect on both sides of the law. I think some (not all) officers lack respect for the public in general. I think some officers are guilty of racial profiling. On the other side of that I think that the general public lacks respect for officers and blatantly disobey orders if they don’t understand why they are being detained. Whether we like it or not, the law is behind an officer if they tell you to do something and you disobey.

What do some of you think could be a solution to lack of respect on both sides?