Dirty Windshield Art By Scott Wade

Scott Wade is internationally known as “The Dirty Car Artist”. His work has been seen on television in over 20 countries and in print media throughout the world.

P.S: I do not wash my car lately, waiting for Scott to pass by.

"Although I’ve been drawing in the dust on the rear windows of dirty cars as long as I can remember, I’ve been trying to take it to that next level since the summer of 2003. I lived on a long, dirt road in Central Texas for over 20 years. Since our cars were always dirty, I would often “doodle” in the dust on the rear windows of our cars. My father was a great amateur cartoonist and I must have picked that up from him, because my natural tendency was always to draw funny faces. I started experimenting with ways to get shading. At first I would use the pads of my fingers and brush very lightly to get “grey” tones. One time I was chewing on a popsicle stick, and I tried using the chewed up end as a brush. I liked the effect, so I started trying paintbrushes, and eventually developed the techniques I use today. Nowadays, I use a rubber “paint-shaper” tool and assorted brushes (and of course my fingers)."

1. Two Thumbs Up – Portrait of Scott Wade

dirty car portrait

2. Uncle Albert

“Saw Uncle Albert on the cover of a magazine and thought he might appreciate the relativity of dirty car art…” – S.W.

dirty car einstein

3. Ronaldinho

“When Brazil’s TV Globo asked to do a piece for their show, Fantastico,” I wondered what image would be recognized and appreciated by their viewers.I figured I couldn’t go wrong with soccer (football in every other country in the world), and who better to use as my subject than the great Ronaldinho Ga?cho. I received many wonderful emails from Brazil. There’s apparently something about dirty car art that strikes a chord with many Brazilians. I hope they enjoy this” – S.W.

dirty car ronaldinho

4. Girl With A Pearl Earring

“Felt a little bold taking on a Vermeer (not sure why I had no qualms about Da Vinci or Van Gogh), but I couldn’t resist “Girl With A Pearl Earring.” This one was tricky. I did it over a previous drawing that had been rained on. There were places where the dust had been caked on, and it didn’t brush off evenly at all. I had to kind of stab the clods with a bristle brush to break it up enough to get some intermediate tones. That’s what gives this one a sort of stipple effect.” – S.W.

dirty car girl

5. On the Road

dirty car

6. Happy Holidays

“Guess I did this one in December…Some of these early pieces were done very quickly, just really getting used to the medium” – S.W.

dirty car christmas

7. Friend in Need

dirty car dogs

8. American Gothic

“Grant Wood’s famous painting wwas a real challenge and great fun to attempt in dust.” – S.W.

dirty car gothic

9. Rapture of Pop and Fresh

dirty car hands

10. Hylas & the Nymphs

“From the marvelous Waterhouse painting. I did this for the Seatlle Art Car Blowout at the Fremont Fair. What a wonderful time with some very cool & wacky people!” – S.W.

dirty car hylas nymphs

11. Mona Lisa / Starry Night

“This image featuring Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa” with Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is shown at its peak. These images drawn in the dust are obviously quite impermanent. One of the cool things about them is how they change over time. More dust accumulates as the car is driven down the road. Early morning dew streaks and dots the image, creating a patina. A light shower creates a deeper patina…” – S.W.

dirty car mona lisa

12. The Hay Wain

“This one was also from my appearance on the Richard & Judy show. I had 4 days in London, only one of which was a working day, so I got to see a lot of great stuff. Spent a lot of time in the British Museum & the National Gallery. I’ve been very fortunate to get to travel some with Dirty Car Art. As my friend’s like to say, “who’d a thunk it?” –S.W.

dirty car painting

13. Pet Fest

“My ex-hometown of San Marcos is host to a great event: Pet Fest. Every year, San Martians (some call them San Marcoans, but they’re just not cool) bring their pets to City Park for a day of music, contests, demonstrations, food and fun. In my role as local drummer, I often play with various musical acts there, and one year I also demonstrated some dirty car art. “– S.W

dirty car pet fest

14. Mt. Rushmore

dirty car rushmore

15. Trapped!

“Thought it would be funny to have a kid in the rear window, yelling for help. When I decided to try this, I took a picture of my 12 y/o daughter. Turned out kinda creepy. Might try this again with a younger, male kid, and do it more cartoony.”-S.W.

dirty car woman

16. Wild Flowers

dirty car wild flowers

17. The Birth of Venus

“It was just a matter of time before I had to do a nude “Dirty Picture,” don’t you think? This one was a little ambitious for me to do in the usual hour or less. I didn’t time myself, but I’m sure I worked on this one for at least 90 minutes. Trying to pay homage to Botticelli’s brilliance in dust, I really appreciate the Master’s amazing talent and abilities. And if ‘Beauty’ isn’t a fitting subject for the art of impermanence, I don’t know what is.”-S.W.

dirty car venus

18. Texas Women

dirty car texas women

19. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

dirty car tea party

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