Sharenators: Did It Ever Happen to You When

When you can’t get your Wi-Fi to work:

When you see brownies being taken out of the oven:

When someone suggests doing something that involves exercise:

When you expect your fart to be silent, but it isn’t:

When someone asks for directions:

When you run into someone you only met once before:

When someone with really bad breath is talking to you:

When you’re forced to wake up really early in the morning:

When people tell you to stop obsessing about a TV show:

When the celebrity you wanted to win doesn’t win the award:

When your friend is mad and you act like an idiot to cheer them up:

When you find something at the store and it’s on sale:

When you’re talking about someone and they suddenly show up:

When you use a revolving door:

When you try to get out of bed in the morning:

When someone says, “Hey, you wanna get some tacos”:

When you’re on the Internet at two in the morning:

When you’ve been waiting to eat for a long time and you finally get food:

When you’re on your way somewhere and you realize you forgot something:

When there’s one open table in a restaurant and you race to get it before someone else does: