Delinquency of Sharenators

Have any of you every been arrested, prison, spent a fun night in jail, close calls with the police? Share your stories…

So I guess I’ll share one of my stories. I was a sophomore in high school. It was a school night and I had a few beers and decided to take a walk. I had taken my contacts out so I couldn’t see anything but I was walking on a road so I thought I’d be fine because I could see the cars headlights if they came. Well a car was approaching me and I quickly jumped off the road. I didn’t think anything of it til I saw flashing lights. The cop came running up to me. He accused me of trying to avoid him. If I was sober I would have told him to fuck off because I was just walking, but I decided not to get myself in trouble. He questioned me about if I was breaking into houses, I laughed at him and said I’m not wearing shoes, a shirt, or shorts with pockets, what could I possibly be stealing. He took my information. After 20 minuets of standing on the side of the road like a dumbass he came back up to me and said my information wasn’t right, and he accused me of lieing to him. I told him it was right and after 10 minuets of him yelling at me again he tried the same information and it came back clean. Finally what was supposed to be a 10 minuet walk turned into an hour and half. I ran back to my house and tried to get some sleep… I had finals the next day.

So theres my story of me being a idiot, and a asshole cop.