By the time this barely category 2 hurricane reaches you, it’ll be a tropical storm. So this is what you will be hit with.

lolny - dear people of new york

Now this is what people like me, who live on the Gulf coast,deal with more than 3 or 4 times a year.

getreal3 - dear people of new york

getreal2 - dear people of new york

getreal - dear people of new york

getreal4 - dear people of new york

So, stop shitting yourselves over a stupid thunderstorm, acting like you have to leave your state and protect your values, and just deal with it. Save your brick shitting for something that deserves it. Naturally, all the tv stations are also hyping it up and covering it nonstop. NOT TO MENTION THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA, SAID THIS HURRICANE WOULD BE “HISTORIC”. HISTORIC? This “hurricane” is barely a category 2. Shut the fuck up and deal with it. Pussies.

That is all.