this is a little robot called danboard by revoltech it looks so awesome I just had to share it with the world lol
Danboard (ダンボー) is a cardboard box robot. It’s as low-tech as one can possibly get I think. In fact, its not actually a robot at all….
Available from HobbyLink Japan, Danboard comes from the manga Yotsuba.
Danboard looks great, and despite its blocky appearance, is actually poseable. It utilizes Revoltech joints at the head, arms, waist and hips.
You can swap out Danboard’s head with that of Miura Hayasaka, revealing the character inside of the box.

pc262090 - danboard

so here are some awesome pics

picture1350x553shkl - danboard

pc262077 - danboard

pc262079 - danboard

kaiyodo revoltech

kaiyodo revoltech

p1030158 - danboard

p1030171 - danboard

yotsubaanddanbo - danboard

danboard 00005 - danboard

danboard 00004 - danboard

danboard 00002 - danboard

danboard 00001 - danboard

danboard04 450 - danboard

3246845785f647d23ceb - danboard

days danboard

danboard - danboard
3428346848 d92516f94b - danboard

7873 550x 3668928672 c431e1d432 b - danboard

danboard - danboard