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Knowing what TV shows your girl is into can give you a BIG head start over other guys.


Women get OBSESSED with their favorite shows and become invested in the characters on a deep, emotional level.

That may sound crazy, but binge-watching these shows influences their ENTIRE perception of sex, romance, and relationships.

To help you get inside her head, I've created a quick survey that will show you what she really wants from a man.... just by analyzing her favorite show. Check it out here.

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You would be AMAZED by how much you can learn about a woman by the TV she watches.

Just knowing her favorite show tells you everything you need to know about what she wants in a man.

Once you understand how she's been programmed to value companionship, love, and sex, everything else is easy.

Don't believe me? Take this 30-second survey and learn how the media she consumes influences her expectations and desires.

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its bedtime - daily picdump 52 pics

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