Cylindric Mirror Illusion Galore !

Cylindric mirror optical illusions are way fun, and something I regret not posting so often. Today I assembled collection of 5 cylindric mirror illusions you probably haven’t seen before. The optical illusions works when a cylinder mirror is placed at the correct center position of seemingly non-understandable and blurred image. If the cylinder has been placed correctly, you can see what the artist wanted you to see – Walt Disney maybe? This would be interesting to use among cyphers to code and encode hidden messages, don’t you agree? Today it is probably easy to create these kind of images with modern computers and image editing software, but back then it used great amount of talent to create something like this. The effect presented here is called Anamorphosis, or anamorphic cylinders illusion. Probably the author placed the cylinder first, and then started creating the flick just by looking at the cylinder. I believe this was the correct procedure. Am not sure though… Many more examples can be seen in Anamorphism category. I have underlined (linked) many related cylinder illusions in this text, so go ahead and check them out. Which one did you like the most?

119554 ia6 1 vw - cylindric mirror illusion galore !
kelly houle escher double reflection
leonardo 2 - cylindric mirror illusion galore !
plan optical illusions
einstein - cylindric mirror illusion galore !