Cute Nails for girls on a low budget. DIY Nail Art!

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Women spend a lot of money on pedicures and manicures. But still, sometimes they are not happy with the result they get in a nail salon. Here are some ways to have your nails done easily even if you are not very creative. Trust me girl, you have all clever tools at home to make cute nails!

Nail Art design using tape

A tape is the best choice if you don’t have the confidence in your handpainting skills. It’s the very best way to do simple and clean design.
You can get any shape on your nails by using Scotch tape. And there no need to be genius, just a little patient.
But first, start off by with two different – colored nail polishes. Paint your nails with a coat of colored polish and wait for it to dry COMPLETELY before placing the tape on it. You must wait for the coat of nail polish to dry or else it will be pulled off when you take the tape off.
When the base coat of polish is dry, place tape on nails in whatever shape you want and paint over the nail and paint with a coat of different color polish.
Pull off the Scotch tape right away while the nail polish is still wet.
Once again wait until the nail polish is COMPLETELY dry.
The last step it’s to add the clear top coat on your nails. And it’s done!

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Dotted cute Nails

Dot nails art is easy to do. There are many different ideas to do it simple, unique and cool without spending hours in a nail salon.
The best tool to make perfect dots on your nails is a simple hair bobby pin. If you want both thick and thin dots use toothpick and bobby pin or even pencil. Even one dot on each nail can look really cute!
And what do you think by using both, Scotch tape and bobby pin to make your nail design even cuter? The dotted french design is especially beautiful!

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Watercolor Nails

Start with a base coat for your nails. Drop a few blobs of another color on a piece of wax paper, then water it down with pure acetone.
Simply dab the second color over the first randomly to create a beautiful watercolor effect.
Easiest way to get DIY cute nails!

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Mandala Nail art design

It may look difficult to do it yourself, but using the same toothpick and bobby pin you can create perfect dotted mandala on your nail.
Or if you have some artistic talents, you can have fun creating your own unique design using different nail polish colors by painting lines and dots together.
If you still think that you cant make a handpainted mandala, but really want it to try to buy simple mandala stickers on your nails. It will still cost less than nail salon price.

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Sponge Nail art design

Another easy way to get your nails gradient, colourfull or ombre. You just need a piece of sponge and normal nail polishes to create awesome patterns on your nails.
This is the easiest technique and even an old piece of sponge can become your nail art tool!
The first thing to do is apply 1 or 2 nice layers of white nail polish. Wait until it’s COMPLETELY dry.
Take a piece of sponge and apply a little of the first color that you like on the top and bottom of your nail.
Continue by doing the same with the rest of your chosen colors in different parts of your nails.
After that, you can also add some lines or dots on your nails too!
Cute nails, isn’t it?

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Easy fire Nails

If you want something even more colorful and different, try this easy way to make fire nails. First, paint your nails with yellow color.
Depends, if you want your fire on the top or bottom of the nail. Paint thin orange curved lines. Add shorter red curved lines. And then paint even shorter dark red lines.
Finish off with a clear top coat!

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Splatter paint Nail design

Having fun with colourfull nails? Splatter paint nails are for you.
Paint your nails with some base color, with is the best. Cut a couple of straws in half. Tape around your nails if you want to stay clean.
Dip one end of a straw in one color of nail polish. Make sure the entire end of the straw is covered.
Place the straw a couple inches over a nail and blow into the other end. Splatter more colors on your nails.
Now be patient and once the polish will get dry, remove the tape from your fingers.
Your cute nails are done!

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Coffin (ballerina) or almond Nails

The best way to start if you have nail tips. Just glue it on first. Cut it in the coffin (or almond) shape and file it. If you want perfect coffin (almond) nails add acryl powder and monomer on top of nail tips. File the sides of your nails again. Efile your acrylic nails. use simple glue nail tips, if you don’t want or don’t have acrylic nail supplies.
Once you get your nails nice and clean. Add two coats of any nail polish you like (really cute nails you can get applying white matte nail polish).
If you want your nails to look even cuter. Add only some clear base on one of your nail and glue Swarovski crystals on it. OMG! That is the cutest combination of all.

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Ombre Nails

Ombre – a light color on the top of the nail gradually blends into a darker color toward the tip. Get it yours by following these steps:
Apply a clear base coat.
With ombré nails, your base color is usually a white polish or the lightest color you plan to use for the ombré effect. It’s better to apply two thin coats of it.
Paint your chosen ombre colors in straight horizontal lines, side by side, on (makeup) sponge. The area of the sponge you paint should relatively be the same width as your nail.
It’s recommended to use two or three colors to create the ombré effect, but you can experiment with different colors and combinations to see what is the best way to get cute nails.
The first stamp then slowly roll the sponge (with the polish side down) over your nail to the other side of your nail.
When you have finished the ombré effect on one nail, reload the polish onto the sponge, so the ombré colors remain wet and vibrant.
Once you have given all of your nails adequate time to dry, add a top coat of clear polish to your nails.

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