DIY Modern Cardboard Christmas Tree

Christmas has always been a special time of the year in many families. Getting together with our loved ones on Christmas Eve is something that we look forward to all year long. So why don‘t we make it more special by creating unique Christmas tree for your home.

9 - diy modern cardboard christmas tree

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11 - diy modern cardboard christmas tree

Here’s what you’ll need

* Few large pieces of cardboard (can be purchased from craft store or recycled)
* Ruler
* Paper cutting blade
* Pencil
* Wooden or other type of stick


1. Using a ruler and a paper knife, cut the cardboard stripes. All stripes must be around 10cm width. Make two first stripes the same length, then the next two stripes must be 2 cm shorter and so on. Until you get enough stripes for the size of Christmas tree that you want.

2. Each stripe must have a hole in the middle, so that we could put it on the stick.

5 - diy modern cardboard christmas tree

3. Put the stripes on the stick, on top of each other (starting with the longest stripe and finishing with the shortest one)

3 - diy modern cardboard christmas tree

4 - diy modern cardboard christmas tree

And… you have a Christmas tree:

8 - diy modern cardboard christmas tree

By the way: I used dumbbells weight plates as a Christmas tree stand, but you can find some other supplies for it.

6 - diy modern cardboard christmas tree

7 - diy modern cardboard christmas tree

Notice: It is only a simple shape of Christmas tree. And if you don‘t like the simplicity, you can use your fantasy and decorate it just how you like.

10 small - diy modern cardboard christmas tree