Creepy Hugo Doll Man of a 1000 faces

hugo - creepy hugo doll man of a 1000 faces

A hairless, vacant expression, a trunk full of disguises, a bolo tie–without question, Hugo is a man of a thousand serial murders.

This doll is like a Ted Bundy Potato Head. The face on the box has the ghoulish stare of a guy that literally can’t wait to stab you to death and drag your body down to his basement. He’s even wearing disposable clothing, presumably to be wrapped around severed limbs to keep them from bleeding all over the interior of the station wagon of a thousand screams.

But on top of all that… why the fuck does he need those creepy little atrophied arms? They serve no purpose! They intentionally went out of their way in the manufacturing process to make him just a little more terrifying.