Crazy Japanese Sushis That Aren’t Made For Everyone

Every winter during my holiday break I take two weeks off from my work completely and I try to do something interesting with my life to inspire myself for next year. This time I had an opportunity to travel from Europe to Japan to spend two weeks with my cousin which was doing the internship there. I’ve imagined that Tokyo supposed to be such an emotionally dark city ( I got the idea from movies like “Enter the Void”), but it was completely opposite. To be honest, the memories from the city that stayed with me are only positive.

Carrying on, the food they eat there was something unusual and I wanted to try to taste something that ordinary japanese person would love but europeans wouldn’t. This time on New Years Eve my cousin brought me to this small Sushi place at Takadanobaba. I didn’t know much about uncooked sea food and this is what I’ve tried ordering… I just have to say that for me who is used to european cuisine – those were very hard to enjoy.

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“Whole spear squid”

got very squeamish while eating second piece.

whole spear squid

Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

“Squid tentacles”

squid tentacles


“Pickled Eggplant”

“My table view”

Later I have ordered couple from blue (more expensive) plates.

“Crab legs”

crab legs

“I can’t recall exactly what was there, maybe you have an idea? At my rating this one was second worst thing I had there”

octopish - crazy japanese sushis that aren't made for everyone

All red plates were under 1 euro and blue ones a bit more expensive.