Crappy children's art

.Do you remember how you tried to draw something in your childhood.Maybe you have children and they draw daily? Here is collection of children's art. Children don't even understand how they make us adults laugh.

Timmothy, age 8
thisisthelife iabtyk iabtyk

Hannah, age 5
img iabtyk

Gracie, age 4
penisaurus iabtyk iabtyk

Laila, age 5
bad bers day iabtyk

Evan, age 7
happybirthdaymom iab iabtyk

Nevada, age 6
iabtyk gp iabtyk

Juno, age 6
online sub iabtyk

Ryan, age 6
shirt ryan iabtyk iabtyk

Ben, age 7
iabtyk rdfqvuhy iabtyk

Justin, age 7
iabtyk iabtyk

Russ, age 12
img iabtyk ygb iabtyk

William, age 3
iabtyk xtg iabtyk

Aaron, age 5
aarons dick shark iabtyk

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  • May 26, 2014, 7:41 am
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    These kids must have seen things...

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